48 Hours in Dublin Part 2 March 9, 2017

irish bar Hello everybody and welcome back to the second part of my article on what to do in Dublin city if you only have 48 precious hours to spend here, in this wonder colourful city full of magic and wonder and other great things.

Now honestly I’m going to be covering so many excellent places to visit that you couldn’t possibly do them all in 48 hours but I’m assuming, like so many tourists, that you’ll love it here so much that you’ll have already booked your ticket back before you have even left!

So, one of my favourite places to bring people is called the Little Museum of Dublin. This is a wonderful and fun experience that will entertain all of the family. It’s only 8 euro to enter and if you are smart you will schedule for Saturday morning as then you will also receive a free guided tour. Now I can’t really say fairer than that can I! All of the pieces and exhibits have been donated by Dubliners and they all give a real feel for how the times have changed in such a short space of time. Well worth checking out. Highly recommended. A truly wonderful way to spend a nice Saturday afternoon. Even better if it’s raining outside!

1916 easter rising memorabilia

Next on my list is Trinity College. This place is known all over the world. It has produced some very famous graduates including famous and revered authors and artists.

There is a lot of history to take in here. It really is an amazing and relaxing walk through time. If you want to have a tour then it only costs 4 euro and usually takes about half an hour or so. You can buy tickets at the entrance and honestly I feel its well worth it. I always think an experience is greatly enhanced when you have a knowledgeable and fun guide showing you around. The extra facts and knowledge they have really helps to bring the place alive.

The two big things you will certainly not want to miss are the Book of Kells and The Old Library. The queue to the great book will usually be quite long so make sure you arrive early or you will be standing around all day!river liffey

As you can imagine the architecture is very reminiscent of that of British universities, like Oxford and Cambridge.

This next one is a particular favourite of mine and I love bringing people here. It is the Casino Marino. From the outside it really isn’t anything very special to look at. And in my opinion this is one of the things that makes it so fascinating. It is certainly off the beaten track for most tourists.

Inside it as a wonder of architectural ingenuity. It looks small from outside but inside you realise that there is actually 3 large floors. The guides here are also incredible. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable but they also quite obviously love their job and are very enthusiastic. It serves to make the experience even more rich. Plus its only 4 euro. Sure you cant go wrong there! This is one thing that you can brag to your friends about and they’ll be very sad that they missed it (or more likely never even heard about it!).

Phew I finally got through it. I’ve been writing this article for what feels like days (well that’s probably because its has been days). I know I’ve left a few great places out and I’m sure people will be screaming in the comments about leaving out such and such. Being honest Dublin is such a great city that it can’t be done in 48 ours, it can’t even be done in a week. And don’t forget that Dublin is just one part of a great country! There is plenty more great stuff to see all over Ireland too.

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